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Buy and Sell Notes

Do you have a note that you want to buy or sell?  ACI can usually easily buy and/or sell your note.

Tell us what you are looking for, we most likely can help!  Please enter your request at the bottom of the page.

Notes can be called various names, however the principal is basically the same. Instead of waiting years to receive the money owed to you, why not sell your note for immediate cash?

The money owed to you is for a future amount that you are willing to discount to receive money now.

This money owed to you can be a one time future amount or for a series of future payments.

No doubt you have a note, or contract, or loan, etc... that verifies the money owed to you.

We buy, or our lenders buy these  notes or contracts.

We have aggressive institutions and investors that are buying notes at an unprecedented pace.

These notes might include:


Mortgages, Residential and Commercial

Multi-Complex Properties

Multi-Retail Properties

Multi-Unit Properties

Commercial Mortgages

Land Contracts and Trust Deeds

Trust Deeds, Residential and Commercial

Vacant Land

Vendor Financing

Owner Financing

Business Acquisition - Vendor Take-Backs

Real Estate Loans

Residential Mortgages

Seller Financing

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts Receivable - Longer Term

Airplane Notes


Annuities Notes

Apartment Buildings

Asset-Based Lending

Auto Paper

Bank Notes

Bankruptcy Receivables

Business and Industrial Notes

Business and Industrial Notes Cash flow instruments

Business Hotels

Car, Marine and Aircraft Notes

Cash Flow Business

Cash Flows

Catastrophe Fund Settlements

Cemetery Pre-need Contracts

Class Action Awards

Commercial Leases

Commission Notes

Consumer Contracts/Retail Installment Contracts

Court Judgments

Debt Instruments

Defaulted and Sub-Performing Cash Flows

Deferred Settlements or Payments

Delinquent Consumer Debt

Disability Payments

Divorce Settlements

Equipment Leases

Estate Loans

Farm Production Flexibility Contracts and Conservation Reserve Payments


Foreign Cash Flows

Hard Money Loans

Home Improvement Notes

Income Streams

Inheritance Notes

Inheritances and Probates

Inheritances/Trust Advances

Injury Settlements

Investment Opportunities


Lawsuit Insurance Settlements

Lawyer's Fee Notes

Lease Portfolios

Lease Purchase Agreement

Life Insurance Policies

Loan Portfolios


Lottery, Casino and Sweepstakes Winnings

Mechanic's Liens

Medical Receivables

Medical Receivables Factoring

Military Pensions

Mobile Home Paper

Mobile Homes



Partnership Agreements


Promissory Notes

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Orders

Reimbursement Agreements to Developer from utility company

Simultaneous Closings

Sports Contracts

Standard Full Purchase

Structured Settlements

Truck Paper

Unassignable Cash Flows

Viatical Settlement


Tell us what you are looking for, we most likely can help!

Let us know how to contact you, and enter your financing request below:

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